• Vision, Mission, & Culture

    Vision, Mission, & Culture

    It is extremely important to Mindful Moments to have and know what our Vision, Mission & Culture is in order to better help and serve you through your life’s journey.

    Our Vision & Mission

    Empowering women to own their awesomeness and live more boldly.

    I am committed to the growth and empowerment of women living meaningful and happy lives. By providing individual counseling, educational and motivational presentations, and empowerment workshops from our couch to yours.

    Our Culture

    Together we develop your map to a destination of infinite possibilities of growth and success. I will help you find your confidence to tackle those dreams of becoming the confident, ambitious woman or young person you deserve to be. By staying committed to our ten points of culture – we can carefully explore therapeutic topics discovering insight, facts, and solutions.

    1. Commitment
      I am committed to your journey of self-discovery and embracing the authentic you. I am committed to providing quality services to you and the community. 
    2. Authenticity
      Is the cornerstone of self-acceptance and self-love. Be open and willing to explore your most authentic self within the therapeutic relationship and outside of it.
    3. Growth and Development
      In order to provide quality care to you, I believe consistent education and self-growth are vital to successful counseling services.
    4. Empowerment
      I believe in the importance of encouraging and inspiring others. You deserve a cheerleader in your corner when faced with life’s toughest moments and happiest celebrations.
    5. Connection
      Fostering healthy and secure relationships are essential to a successful counseling experience. By developing such relationships your therapist can portray their most authentic self. This may allow you to feel safe, secure, and encouraged to develop and implement new skills.
    6. Fun and Creativity
      Life is not meant to be all hard work. Caring for yourself and others requires fun, creativity, and leisure. Laughing and joking can be just as therapeutic as educating and analyzing. Finding creative and fun-filled methods of managing life’s stressors is pertinent to quality mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
    7. Respect
      I respect your uniqueness and encourage you to express your most personal thoughts and beliefs. Respecting differences of opinions within the outside world and therapeutic milieu, we remain non-judgmental and open-minded towards you, your therapeutic process, and other professionals.
    8. Self-Expression
      The ability to express your thoughts, emotions, and belief systems openly and freely is highly valued within the therapy room. To discover your own personal style of self-expression can provide a sense of freedom and excellence.
    9. Flexibility
      Life is meant to be flexible. As John Lennon once said, life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” That being said, I understand the importance of remaining flexible towards the unpredictable changes life may throw our way. Adjusting towards your individual needs helps to provide quality skills and strategies towards utilizing strengths and improving limitations.
    10. Happiness
      Living life with a smile even on the rainiest of days can help improve your overall well-being. I believe in providing services in happy and inspiring environments that emphasize passionate and energetic mentalities.