• Stress & Anxiety

    Stress & Anxiety

    “Okay, I’m gonna go home get out of my work clothes, change into gym clothes, hit the gym, run to the store, come home, cook dinner, and straighten up some before bed and answer that email.”   And then you feel something coming on…STRESS and ANXIETY!

    Fast forward you find yourself in your comfy clothes sitting on the couch drinking a glass of wine thinking “Shit, I really need to get up and get stuff done!” As you stare off into another episode of Grey’s Anatomy feeling disappointed and ashamed of the lack of motivation and productivity in your day… yet again. Running from one thing to the next without even a minute to catch your breath can be . . . well exhausting.  And there it is again…Stress and Anxiety!

    Feeling frustrated with the never-ending to-do list.

    You feel guilty for missing out on quality time with friends and family. Then comes the feelings of chaos and a scattered mind by the hundreds of dots that pop up on your calendar. All to come home at night to more things that should get done

    • Do you lose your cool with your children, your significant other, and your co-workers?
    • Do you remember when you used to be so patient and calm?

    But lately –  you just feel stressed and anxious! – Sensing a theme here???

    Finally climbing into bed at night tossing and turning, your mind is flooded with thought- after- thought. Laying there staring at the ceiling trying to execute a plan of how to tackle tomorrow and the next day and the day after that.

    Thinking about everything else, but the present moment. Peaking at the clock ever so often, 11:00 pm, okay. 12:45 pm, ugh!! And you think to yourself, “all I want to do is sleep!

    You wake up each morning feeling overwhelmed and pressured. Still tired from the day before. And you start getting ready to do it all over again feeling numb and defeated by life.

    It just feels like life is spinning out of control!

    Does this sound familiar?

    The desire to do all the things that need to get done and all the things you want to do, but no motivation or energy to do so. Does it seem like it’s just impossible to do it? Does it feel hopeless, like no matter how hard you try it’s never good enough? No one should have to wake up each morning feeling overwhelmed and stuck; dreading what awaits them.

    You deserve to feel energetic, hopeful, and confident in yourself!

    You deserve to enjoy life again!

    Imagine having control of your life again! Imagine being able to manage tasks and responsibilities with less anxiety and more confidence while still being able to do the things you desire.

    You can still be a good employee, friend, or family member while still doing the things you enjoy in life. You can fulfill your life roles and still get a workout in, read a book, or go for a walk. Even better get a full night’s sleep. That’s right, imagine sleeping eight hours.

    8 solid, restful hours of sleep!

    Imagine actually having that crazy concept we hear about called “me time”.

    I can help you find your best stress management tools to help reduce these symptoms. Working together, we will find a variety of fun and easily accessible skills you can use at any moment to release those feelings. Treating anxiety allows you to discover the art of slowing your pace and enjoying life again.

    You’re probably wondering how anxiety treatment can actually help reduce everything you have to do. Or you might be thinking this is just life stuff, you don’t need therapy for it. Well, counseling isn’t just for those suffering from severe mental health challenges. Anxiety counseling and stress management can be useful for anyone and everyone, especially for those struggling with balancing the day-to-day stressors of life.

    I can help you learn how to better manage the obstacles already placed in your life. Counseling can teach you to prioritize you and your needs, which then increases your feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Improved mental health leads to improved productivity and decreased feelings of anxiety and frustration.

    Stress management and anxiety counseling utilize a combination of mindfulness, relaxation skills, and cognitive skills. Incorporating these techniques can teach you to stop and breathe in the middle of your day. Learning to check-in with yourself and change unhelpful thinking patterns to alleviate anxiety and eliminate panic attacks. That’s right, no more feeling like you are having a heart attack or going insane.

    Learn to say no and set limits to help shorten your to-do list. Speak-up for yourself, so you no longer feel the need to spread yourself so thin that you could snap at any moment. With more free time you can get back to enjoyable and meaningful activities.

    Help promote your well-being and feel calmer, so you can come home at night and put your feet up guilt-free!

    Start anxiety treatment today!