• Depression


    Terrified that if this depression continues,  you will never feel like you again!

    You look around and see all of the negative parts of life, the helplessness and hopelessness of improving. With the loss of relationships, you begin to fear you will be alone forever or lose everyone you care about. This black cloud of depression continues to linger over you ruining every part of your life.

    • Are you finding yourself staring off blankly into space, feeling numb, and just plain old empty? 
    • Tired of crying with no real understanding of why? 
    • Does your bed feel like the safest and best place for you lately? 
    • Have you just lost your oomph?

    You are not alone! So many others are struggling with depression just as you are and need help.

    You feel physically drained, sad, and lost.

    It’ clear you are trying so hard to focus on work, reading, television, or just about anything, but nothing seems to process inside you anymore. You walk through your days feeling disconnected, isolated, and lonely.

    Even standing in the middle of a crowded room, or sitting amongst a group of friends the sense of loneliness overwhelms you. You can feel yourself retreating inwards but can’t figure out how to stop it or pull back out into the open. Your once sociable self has become reclusive and insecure.

    Then the thought of ‘what’s the point’ keeps you stuck in the misery and pain of depression.

    Your life becomes engulfed in the covers of your bed and your clothes become a part of you.  Walking through your home with a messy bun on the top of your head, baggy sweat pants, and wait . . . when was the last time you showered?

    The fridge remains empty, except for the milk for the cereal you are willing to eat and a half-empty container of ice cream which waits for you nightly. You’ve stopped going to work, stopped answering the phone, and dread every time you have to leave your house.

    Fighting a depression episode is one of the most difficult experiences a person can have. Feeling lost, helpless, and hopeless, with little idea of how to help yourself. You are left feeling frightened and devastated. Depression has robbed you of your energy, your relationships, your self-confidence, and your ability to enjoy the things you once loved.

    You just want to feel better. Because you deserve to feel better.

    It’s important to feel connected to friends and family again.

    You deserve to laugh, smile, and wake up excited to live your life.

    Imagine feeling like yourself again.

    The blanket of depression has lifted off of you, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter.depression

    When you wake in the morning, you no longer feel you are being sucked back into the covers. When you look in the mirror you feel confident and grateful for the rejuvenated emotions within you.

    You no longer dread going to work and facing people. Even the morning sunshine feels wonderful on your face.

    Walking into social settings you smile, saying, “Hello, how are you?” and mean it. The phone starts ringing again. This time when friends and family are inviting you to events you are accepting their invitations and even looking forward to them.

    You are able to concentrate again.

    Work life has improved tremendously, both your productivity and interactions with your co-workers.  Lunchtime is now a break from the day verse the halfway point of being able to get into your sweats again as it once symbolized.

    Weekends are again time spent with others. Filled with time at the movies, hiking, reading on your porch, or spending time with your pets.

    There is hope!

    Let us help you rediscover happiness in life again.

    Treating depression can help heal the wounds left behind from the past and assist in moving you forward.

    Create a meaningful and fulfilling life for yourself!

    We know how overwhelming and upsetting facing your depression can be. Let us be a part of your treatment from this debilitating time in your life. No one should have to go through depression alone!

    Your therapist will provide you with the unique experience of having unbiased support. Sometimes friends and family want to help during times of depression, but their words of “get over it” or “just move on” do more damage than good. While they mean well, their words can leave you feeling invalidated and rejected.

    You deserve to feel encouraged and heard because life is hard at times and sometimes things do in fact just suck. You deserve to end this difficult challenge through depression treatment.

    We are here to let you know you aren’t wrong for feeling what you feel about the stressors in your world.

    Counseling is your opportunity to talk without feeling judged or ridiculed.

    A chance to talk openly and freely so that you can discover new perspectives and create an optimistic mentality.  In addition, it will help to help move out of the depression and into a brighter and hopeful world.

    Treating depression is the opportunity to start letting go of the past and embrace the present. The relationship between yourself and your therapist can help improve your self-esteem, self-confidence, and interpersonal relationships. You will find yourself willing to try new activities, express yourself more effectively with others and with yourself.

    Finally, you will find the various skills to treat your depression and manage your emotions, like writing, creative activities, or just some effective self-talk. Or perhaps a little less conventional skill: the use of silly putty to help reduce the negative energy stuck within you at times.

    Once you have learned to calm yourself, it is then that you can start living life again and having more positive experiences.

    If this sounds all too familiar, you don’t have to wait any longer!  Reach out TODAY and SCHEDULE your first appointment to bring you to that place you want and need to be.

    Start treating your depression today and begin living a meaningful and fulfilling life!