• Life Transitions

    Life Transitions

    Life Transitions are hard and you never know what is around the corner in life!

    Does it seem like you can’t tell if you are coming or going? 

    Are things changing so rapidly in your world and you just want it to slow down?

    The whirlwind of life brings about some major life changes that are just too much to handle. They leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, worried, or depressed.

    To go through life without experiencing change would be impossible. Many of these are unplanned and can take you by surprise.  Such as financial burdens, sudden loss of a loved one, a recent medical diagnosis, losing a job, or having to relocate.

    These are called Life Transitions!

    Even the exciting moments in life can sometimes be seen as stressful. You’ve always dreamt of this day!  Whether it’s your high school or college graduation, getting your first job, getting married, buying a home, or having a baby. Whatever that dream scenario was or is can quickly change to what feels almost like a nightmare.

    Trying to manage all the anticipated and unanticipated parts of these life transitions can cause you to become irritable and stressed out. The uncertainty of what will happen next leaving you nervous and uneasy.

    Life TransitionsYou may experience a feeling of panic as you tread lightly towards the next step in life.

    Fearful that at any moment things could go horribly wrong while pursuing your next adventure.

    It’s scary!

    Downright terrifying at times!

    And you’re doing it all alone!

    So overwhelmed and worried you’re either indecisive or start to make impulsive decisions, which can leave you feeling doubtful that you even know what you are doing. Things start to feel out of control and unbearable. Everyone just reassures you that everybody feels like this in your situation, but seriously how do they really know? Right?

    You just wish you could fast forward and wake up tomorrow living in the new scenario. You just want to be done with the awkwardness of transitioning. The thought of leaving the uncertainty behind you and move forward with confidence is very appealing and desired.

    But, that just isn’t your reality. 

    Instead, you are plagued with racing thoughts and a strong desire to control as much as you can. You keep grasping onto anything you possibly can to manage the chaotic feeling that surrounds you. Fearing that this will all fall apart and then you will not have a clue of what to do.

    Life Transitions are hard!

    It’s as if they hijack your life while you are going through them. Exhausting you physically, mentally, and spiritually. And then when you finally overcome them they just disappear like they were never a thing.

    But they were there and they were real.

    Typically, when you finally get to the other side of that time period in your life you are left feeling numb and like a truck literally ran into you. All the emotional burden you carried during the life transitions collapses within you. You feel sad in a way, even though you think you should be happy because you got through it.

    No one should have to go through that alone!

    I am here to both guide and support you through this challenging time. I am here for the moments you just want to give up that dream scenario. And I will be here during those times you are left in disbelief and tragedy when the nightmare has come true. Let me have your back and support you as you push through to the next chapter of your life.

    Imagine not having to carry the burden of your life transitions time solely on your own. You can lean on someone who will not judge your decisions or feelings about the process. You can openly and honestly express how you feel each step of the way. 

    So, when you think this was a big mistake and that you should just take off and elope – you will not hear the gasps of your family’s reactions. Instead, you will be comforted by the kind words of your therapist, who tells you it’s not easy planning such an event, but hey – eloping is always an option.

    You will have someone to talk you back into your rational thinking when the only way out seems to run away or disappear somehow. You feel less chaotic and are able to go with the flow. Minor hiccups in your plans will actually feel like minor hiccups, as opposed to the world-ending crisis it did before therapy.

    You’re probably thinking but “I’m not depressed, I don’t need therapy.”

    And you are probably right about one thing.

    You may not be depressed, but therapy is not just for those with depression, anxiety, or other diagnosable mental illnesses. Counseling’s primary objective is to help promote and maintain change. Aren’t major life transitions all about change?

    Admitting that you go to therapy used to be viewed as a shameful and taboo topic. Nowadays most people have attended counseling at least once in their life. And they come to therapy for a variety of reasons, most often dealing with life-altering moments. So, while you may not need therapy you could in fact benefit significantly from its effects.

    You won’t have to lie down on a couch and talk endlessly about your father unless you want to. Instead, learn new ways of handling stress and using these skills in your daily life to help ease the transition you are currently going through. Find new perspectives on old problems and develop new solutions.

    Discover a calmer and more collected you!

    So, if you confirmed your feeling about emotional eating, you don’t have to wait any longer to get the help you deserve!  Reach out TODAY and SCHEDULE your first appointment to bring you to that place you want and need to be.