• The Exposed Me

    The Exposed Me

    How did I become a counselor?

    When I was a 12-year-old kid someone asked, what do you want to be when you grow up?  I said, a therapist

    I then proceeded to draw a picture of myself behind a desk with a computer, wearing a white coat; with my patient lying on a couch talking and a certificate on the wall.  Sounds just a little bit of a stereotype, no?

    My own road map to success:

    Towards the end of my high school years, I want to say I fell – but it was more like a nosedive, into an emotionally abusive relationship; which followed me well into my college years.

    I had spent four years – of what could have been the most formative years of my adulthood – secluded, sad, and eating just to cope with the self-disgust. I had gained over 50 pounds while in the relationship and lost my sense of self.  So much that the punk rock girl I once knew was now a sweatpant wearing, and exhausted psychology student.

    After feeling sick and tired, my bestie reminded me I deserved to feel loved and appreciated.

    I found the courage to walk away and start healing myself!

    I started to move by hitting a punching bag. I returned to what I loved as a teenager… writing!  As I became more self-aware and confident in how I felt,  I then became brave enough to move towards the life I wanted!

    Remembering who and what I wanted to be, set me in motion to complete my undergrad, and move toward being a grad student for my masters in counseling.  

    I continued to find my balance of health and wellness, and I continued to maintain the purpose-driven, goal-oriented gal that had always been me, with a dash of corny!

    I learned it was going to be okay. And that I was, in fact, okay! I learned I was awesome, that I am awesome!

    And it’s okay to say that. 

    I have been able to find my confidence through fitness. My journey to a more fit me has led to so many other experiences. I like eating healthier, finding my community, and enjoying life overall.  Because of it, I have run half marathons. I fling weights around in Crossfit, but also find my chill place in a yoga class or soaking up the sun on the beach.

    My journey of personal wellness continues and has progressed over the years. Learning the importance of slowing down and adding leisure time has created greater opportunities, happiness, and clarity.  

    Imagine life with such ease!

    The freedom to be yourself and love it is exactly what I hope to help you discover in your experience working with me.