• Young Adult Issues

    Young Adult Issues

    You aren’t a teenager anymore, but you don’t feel like an adult… or even a young adult!

     Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted, you find yourself collapsing on the floor of your bedroom after coming home from school, sobbing, thinking “I can’t do this anymore, I’m losing it. . . I can’t even.”

    You have a meltdown like this at least once a week. Feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed leads you to avoid schoolwork and completing assignments last minute. Sometimes even half-assed – and then your grades begin to drop!

    Your friends no longer bother texting you because what’s the point? You never have time to do anything with them. And when you do try to spend time with them you find yourself easily annoyed by them and just wish they’d be quiet because . . . well you just don’t care about their drama.

    You have your own stuff going on. You find yourself feeling annoyed and not wanting to even hang with your friends anymore. Because they don’t get it either.

    Just like your boyfriend or your parents don’t get it. You feel so pressured by them demanding your time. Even being asked to set the table for dinner or cleaning your room is asking too much because you just can’t figure out how to manage it all.

    Being an adult seemed like it was going to be so much better than dealing with the high school drama and bullshit.

    But this just sucks . . .. adulting is hard!

    Life feels like you are constantly on the go. Having to run between classes, work, homework, and other obligations. You don’t have the time to relax or have fun.

    You just want to sit on the couch and binge-watch your favorite Netflix show and call it a day!

    If things keep going like this – you don’t know if you can go on. With every new responsibility, you feel more annoyed, exhausted, and overwhelmed. Any disagreement with your boyfriend or parents feels like the end of the world is happening to you.

    You find yourself saying things you never imagined you would say. “I just wish I would die. Maybe I won’t wake up tomorrow.”

    Your behavior has become impulsive and you’re left feeling guilty, embarrassed, and ashamed. Screaming at your mother. Threatening your boyfriend. Telling off your friends. Drinking excessively and not remembering what you did the night before. Having to be told by friends what you said and did.

    You can’t understand what everyone’s problem is. Why can’t they just back off and let you be you?

    It’s hard transitioning from high school years into your twenties.

    Those years between 19-24 years old can feel so confusing and infuriating.

    So many changes occur over such a long period of time. Going to a new school, starting a new job, meeting new friends, and losing old friends. Not knowing what your position is in your family anymore. Feeling inadequate and unsure of yourself on a regular basis. Not even being sure who you are anymore.

    I’ve been there, girl. Those moments of wondering what the hell I was doing or saying. Convinced that I might actually be losing my mind and going “crazy”. Counseling gave me the opportunity to be in control again, let me come alongside and do the same for you.

    Imagine having your shit together . . . going to school, passing classes, spending time with friends, working a part-time job, hanging with your boyfriend, and no longer arguing with your parents.

    Feel freer and independent!

    Find your confidence and feel secure in yourself!

    Manage your time and get stuff done!

    You get the importance of slowing down and taking care of yourself.  You make the time for you to do you!

    I know you are probably thinking you’re broken or worse you’re psycho. But I am here to tell you that you’re not!  In fact, you are just like most twenty-something-year-olds trying to figure out their world and their place in it. Counseling can help you realize that and learn to better manage the crazy within your world.

    • Learn to calm your emotions down without destructive behaviors, which previously damaged your relationships. 
    • Learn to express yourself more effectively, so that your parents and friends do get it. You’ll have better relationships with friends, family members, and even your significant other.
    • Learn to manage your mood better so you will be able to concentrate better on school work and your job. 
    • Learn to finish homework and feel more confident when you sit down to take that final exam this semester.

    And dare I say it you’ll be able to have fun again. 

    You may even find the fun activities are what have helped make you sane again. Taking that yoga class they offer in the student center on Thursday nights with your friend or maybe going to a music festival with them over a long weekend. Sometimes just a late-night dinner or a coffee run to help balance the mayhem that comes with the territory of becoming an adult.

    What are you waiting for?

    Schedule your first appointment to stop the door slamming and meltdowns.